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Myntra transform its web platform to mobile

when we did
Jan 2016 - Jun 2016
India’s online fashion pioneer
Myntra taught Indians how to buy clothes online. In 2012, they had products from 350+ Indian and international brands. In fashion e-commerce’s cutthroat world, Myntra has held its own. And it all started with one website.
Bringing fashion to the palm of millions
In 2012, most of Myntra’s users were using the website on a mobile device. They wanted to build their first mobile app.
challenge 1
Too much information, too little space
Fashion is a complex shopping category because users want many details like fit, fabric, sleeve, collar and neck. All details had to fit on screens as small as 3.5 inches.
challenge 2
Lower bandwidth devices
In 2013, mobile networks had poor connectivity, most users were on 2G and mobiles had low RAM. Myntra’s app needed to work even in 2G so that users could view hi-res product images to make a purchase.

We created India's first fashion mobile app

Myntra’s very first & obvious mobile app
Personalized shopping experience
For a dynamic shopping experience, the layout of the home page changed based on users’ past preferences and topical offers. This personalized the shopping experience for buyers.
Filtering through 300k unique products
We designed an easy-to-use and exhaustive set of filters for users to narrow their search by brand, by product, by colour or minute style changes like collar, sleeve and fit.
An aesthetic Android app when there were none
On a product page, the interface borrowed the primary colour of the product for important information on the screen. The clean and vibrant interface stood out among other e-commerce apps.
Day 00 - First Login
Day 01 - First Purchase
Day 07 - Repeated Purchase
Filter Screen
Search Screen
Different primary colors
Different primary colors
Different primary colors
Building for 2G
Hi-res product images were published to devices via silent push notifications and cached on devices beforehand. This ensured that buyers could see good product images even in low network conditions and on devices with low RAM.
Online fashion pioneer becomes a behemoth
More than 50% users
2000 cr. acquisition

Shop on Myntra, exclusively through the mobile app.

By Flipkart in 2014, after the success of Myntra's mobile app.