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Case Study/Loco
Back in 2018, Loco, now a gaming app, was a simple trivia app. Obvious redesigned Loco’s user experience.
We helped

Loco introduce features to unleash product led growth

when we did
Jan 2018 - Apr 2018

Make Gaming Great Again

In 2018, Loco was a simple live trivia app. With rapidly growing user base, they wanted to offer more to their users. They began to ask themselves: How do we enhance the experience?

In 2018, Loco had 1 million users. They wanted to revamp the user experience, in collaboration with Obvious.
Challenge 2

404: No multiplayer games

People wanted to play together with friends and family, but there was no way to invite new players or connect with existing players.

Challenge 1

Play, but only an hour a day

The app featured real-time quizzes that went live only twice a day. Outside those 30-minute windows, the app was unusable.

Enter obvious

Redesigning Loco experience from scratch.

Dialling up the desi nostalgia
We used game shows and retro gaming arcades as inspiration to ramp up the visuals. Bringing a nostalgic appeal and increasing linguistic accessibility made Loco a gaming platform designed by India, for India.

So much more than a fresh coat of paint

Play trivia, anytime you want!

We reduced Loco’s dependence on live quizzes by introducing an archive for past quizzes. Players could now test their knowledge and earn coins even if there were no live trivia shows scheduled at the time.

Play together, win together!

We made adding friends onto Loco easier by enabling invites through phone numbers, or sending friend requests to existing ones. Players could compare their score on the Leaderboard and play more to beat their friends.

Keeping the app alive with a streak

We introduced Streaks, still a little-known concept back then, which incentivised players to use Loco for consecutive days. A coin-based virtual economy also served as motivation to keep Streaks up.

Mo’ players,
mo’ fun!


In months after the redesign, Loco’s user base grew from 1 million to a whopping 8.5 million players. With over 10 million downloads today, Loco is a household name for India’s thriving gamers.

They understood how to make a gaming platform engaging and understood what we at Loco were aiming for. The unexpected thing though was that they were an extension of our team, rather than a third-party agency.
Anirudh Pandita
Loco’s founder in 2017