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Grab design efficient B2B tools

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July 2021 - Apr 2022

‘Grabbing’ SEA’s super-app trophy

Singapore-based super-app Grab connects business owners to consumers. Consumers access a range of services in one app and business owners earn more and grow. In April 2021, Grab was being used in 400 cities across 8 countries.


Grab’s next goal: efficient B2B tools

At Grab’s scale, every inefficient system costs the company millions. In 2021, they needed improvements to weed out inefficiencies.


We redesigned Grab’s merchant portal to increase merchant retention.


We designed Grab's Ads platform and made it more self-serve.

Re-designing Grab’s Merchant Experience

Overwhelmed by store data

Grab’s Merchant dashboard was full of numbers about the store’s performance. However, the merchant did not know what to do with the data and needed the team to assist them.

Data that makes sense

Understand key changes

The dashboard made data like daily sales, driver wait time easy to discover. Red and green tags informed the merchant if the change was positive or negative.

Increasing daily orders with insights

With insights on the store’s lean period and frequently ordered items, merchants began to offer discounts and create item combos. This led to a 65% increase in daily orders.

Discover the right tool at the right time

We created a framework that sent personalized notifications to merchants to use relevant features on the dashboard. Merchants could use the dashboard, without the team’s help.

Higher incomes for merchants

Armed with these insights, Grab’s merchants improved their store’s performance by offering discounts on low-demand items and decreasing driver wait times. Merchant incomes increased and so did Grab’s revenue.

Creating Grab’s Ad
Management System

A large ads team & too many tools

For a merchant to advertise on the Grab app, a team from Grab was creating the ad, tracking performance and generating reports using three different platforms. GrabAds was making good revenue, but to scale it, they needed to streamline their work.

Self-serve tools for advertisers
The Ads platform was meant to enable advertisers to create campaigns, track ad performance and generate reports independently, in one easy-to-use platform.

Customized reports,
at a click

Reports were generated 24 times faster — in 4 hours, instead of 4 days. The merchant could choose custom metrics to measure the reach and cost of their campaign.

Targeting the right users from 214 million users

We built a powerful tool so advertisers could

Select from different user segments relevant to their product.

See a preview of their ad on the app.

And get a sense of the ad’s estimated reach.

Insights, to learn what works and improve

Merchants now had easy access to data like keywords and geography in one dashboard. They could optimize their campaign to reach more users while spending less money.

Growing revenue, Growing Grab 💸

Growing revenue, Growing Grab



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A unified platform for advertising campaigns made it easy for merchants to grow their business.


For Grab, this easy-to-use software unlocked a whole new revenue stream, in true super-app fashion.