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Apr 2021 - Apr 2022

Food delivery to ‘everything’ delivery

Since 2019, Swiggy, a loved food delivery app, has been adding a range of services for 20 million monthly users spread across 600 Indian cities. In December 2022, they had 6 services rolled into one super-app.


Maintaining quality with rapid growth

In 2020, Swiggy’s team of 40+ designers and 60+ frontend engineers faced many challenges – UI development and handoff was slow, and QA was very time consuming.

We needed a system to streamline the entire product development journey, rather than just the product design.

Srinath Rangamani
Head of Design, Swiggy
Swiggy Design System

Developed and delivered as fast as your Swiggy order! ⏳

We created nearly 200 UI components that could be reused across the app. Creating components reduced the effort and the time taken by engineering and design teams.

For food pages, UI development time reduced by 30-40% !

Identical UI across iOS, Android and Web

Each component was built in platform specific libraries. This multi-platform design system led to consistent UI across all platforms and reduced the number of QA sessions by 40%.

Flexible designs for new products

Introducing design tokens and components  centralised the visual language. Now, changing the colour theme for a new product was possible with just one line of code. New products could be introduced and integrated in no time!

It’s a win for everyone

For designers and engineers, the design system created time to solve harder problems. To users, the app looks and feels cohesive. And Swiggy’s executives can grow the $10 billion business without worrying about the effort needed to add new services to the app.


Faster Feature Delivery

Our work,
in Srinath's words