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ENFORCE is an unconventional and unique Enterprise and Resource Planning, subscription based solution for Non Profit Organizations.
Power of en-FORCE
  • eNFORCE empowers a non-profit organization to manage its daily operations and on-going projects through a subscription-based zero cost model.
  • eNFORCE provides resource planning, fund management, operations management and fund raising ability with no “IT Infrastructure” required.
  • Its generic framework allows the Non Profit Organization to tie-up with independent software vendors to customize the subscribed modules.
  • Although, database of the system is still being hosted through subscription services, our security systems allow Non Profit Organization to feel more secure and relaxed for their daily activities.
Features of en-FORCE
  • Now with en-Force a Non Profit Organization can create new projects with pre-defined project templates, create their own templates for various operations and that too handled on its own premises.
  • En-FORCE simplifies the resource and fund management of each project.
  • The product smartly integrates finance and resource utilization of each project.
  • A click enables the user Non Profit organization to subscribe and unsubscribe to various modules of the system. Un-subscription of services results in zero-data loss. To add more power at the user’s end, an archival technology helps the user Non Profit Organization to retrieve information of the un-subscribed features.
  • En-FORCE also gives a portal for the user Non Profit Organization; a portal that can highlight their project activities and help them go global with zero software maintenance.
Why don’t you call us if you are running a Non Profit Organization? You do your operations to make the world a better place and we work to make your efforts paperless and smooth. We are waiting to hear from you,
us an email at sales@obvious.in or call us at 91-124- 4301184.
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